Black Friday 2017 FAQs

Black Friday 2017 FAQs

Since 1952, Black Friday has been the biggest shopping day of the year. Here is a breakdown of what it is, when it happens and how to get the best Black Friday deals.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. It’s the official start of the holiday shopping season. On this day, retailers offer great discounts and sell their merchandise at the lowest prices of the year to kick-start the holiday shopping season. Over the years, Black Friday’s popularity has grown so much that it is usually associated with overnight camping outside retail outlets and chaos as people try to grab limited merchandise at discounted prices.

When is Black Friday 2017?

The official date for Black Friday 2017 will be on Friday, November 24th.   However, in recent years, retailers have started their Black Friday sales days or even weeks to the official date. This is especially the case for online stores. In past years, physical stores have also been extending their Black Friday sales from Thanksgiving eve on Wednesday to Cyber Monday. Black Friday is therefore no longer a one-day affair.

Where can I find the best Black Friday deals?

Popular retail outlets from Walmart to Amazon will be offering Black Friday online deals days to the official date, and more stores will be offering doorbusters in their physical stores on the date.

How do I get the best Black Friday deals?

You may not be able to cover all the stores looking for the best deals, so you have to prioritize. Know what you want in advance and prepare a budget to find out if you can afford it.

Give preference to the big-ticket items since you will likely save more on them. You can save hundreds of dollars on a discounted TV as opposed to saving a few dollars on a discounted pair of shoes.

To avoid standing in a queue in the harsh winter, be on the lookout for the best Black Friday deals online. Most of the online retailers will be offering free shipping.

Are banks open on Black Friday?

Yes. Since Black Friday isn’t a federal holiday in the USA, banks are usually open. However, some banks may be closed to allow their employees to enjoy a long weekend off after Thanksgiving. You should prepare a budget well in advance to avoid rushing to the bank on Black Friday.

How can I shop safely on black Friday?

Black Friday is also a big day for scammers and phishers so be wary of unsolicited links and emails on social media. Avoid giving out login details and credit card information indiscriminately.

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