Black Friday Shopping: Online Vs. Offline

Black Friday Shopping: Online Vs. Offline

For Black Friday purists, Black Friday is more than just a day that follows Thanksgiving. It’s a day with so much tradition. The crazy atmosphere, queuing for hours, camping all night and fighting crowds to get to the prized findings is more important than scoring discounted merchandise. As such, sitting at home and shopping online on Black Friday is almost sacrilegious for these Black Friday diehards.


Over the years, the advantages of shopping online on Black Friday have grown tremendously. More people are now either shopping online or taking advantage of the internet to research even as they go out to shop in the stores. Below we look at the benefits of both in-store and online Black Friday shopping.

Advantages of Black Friday Online shopping

a)      Efficiency

While shopping online, you do not have to deal with crowds, long lines, pushy salespeople or any other inconveniences that come with shopping in person, especially on Black Friday. You can from the comfort of your home conduct proper research about the items you want to purchase, create a store account and shop freely at the click of a button.

b)     Free shipping

Most online stores are expected to offer free shipping for all purchases this coming Black Friday. Before making a purchase this Black Friday, make sure that you check if there are any shipping costs. Shipping costs might negate the discount on the product.

c)       Larger selection

While shopping online on Black Friday, you will have access to a wider inventory than you would in a physical store.


 Advantages of Black Friday In-store shopping

a)      In-store only deals

In the spirit of tradition, most stores offer a wide variety of discounted products on Black Friday that are only available in their brick and mortar locations. From jewelry to electronics, these in-store products vary by location, and you can find a well-hidden gem in some. As you get ready for Black Friday shopping, look through all Black Friday ads to find the in-store only deals that you want

b)     Doorbusters

Doorbusters are once a year sales offered by retailers to kick off their Black Friday sale. They are in-store-only, and their quantities are insufficient. You have to want it to get these special deals. People have been known to camp outside braving the elements for hours or days just to be among the lucky few walking away with the deal of the year. 

c)       The experience

If you find joy in going out on Black Friday with family and friends while wearing customized Black Friday sweatshirts, in-store black Friday shopping is for you. Getting discounted electronics is impressive, but nothing beats the fun memories created with your loved ones as you shop on Black Friday.

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